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Any guesses for which is the most vegan-friendly city in India?

Yes, you’ve got it right! It’s none other than Namma Bangalore.

Gone are those days when a vegan/plant-based diet was just considered a trend. Today, plant-based diets are surging in popularity.

For those who are not familiar with the term ‘vegan’, it’s a food and lifestyle culture that relies entirely on plant-based ingredients and materials. That means no dairy, no egg, no leather, no fur, and no cheese.

According to a study by the University of Oxford, veganism could be the “single biggest way” to reduce an individual’s carbon footprint and lessen the environmental impact on the earth.

Bangalore is becoming increasingly conscious given the stream of plant-based milks, mock meat brands, and activities that are sprouting almost every day. Despite what most people think, plant-based food is just as exciting and tasteful as vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

We’ve listed down some restaurants/cafe/cloud kitchens in Bangalore which will surely please you and have highlighted few popular events that prove just why this city is the ‘Vegan Capital of India’:

Evolved Steak in BBQ Sauce and Evolved Open Pita Sandwich — Trippy Goat Cafe

Trippy Goat

This cellar & cafe caters to a discerning customer base and is a host to experiential weekend menus and offers brand partnerships for product placements and curated brand experiences.

And guess what? Your favorite planet-friendly protein is on their menu! Amongst a wide variety of a progressive choice of foods, are the delicious plant-based offerings which stand out in their own way.

Yes, Evolved Foods is currently featured in two exquisite dishes, consisting of a mouthwatering sandwich and a delectable steak.

Must try — Evolved Steak and the Evolved Open Pita Sandwich

Evolved Chukka — Hotpot Vegan

Hotpot Vegan

If there’s one thing South India is known for, it’s the diverse flavour profile and meat being a prominent part in daily food. With a stellar cloud kitchen like HotPot Vegan, you get it all! Flavourful and succulent food that’s completely plant-based.

Your meaty local delicacies have never tasted this good! The meaty & juicy Evolved Plant Meat soars high in their choice of dishes served.

From a sumptuous Karnataka Pepper Fry to a Tamil Nadu Chukka — it’s 100% Taste and 0% Meat.

Must try — Evolved Chukka, Evolved Pepper Fry, and Donne biryani

Thai Evolved Massaman Curry — The Thai Vegan Kitchen

The Thai Vegan Kitchen

Authentic, aromatic, and this is sure to keep you coming back for more!

Thai Vegan Kitchen is a 100% plant-based cloud kitchen tucked in the Frazer Town vicinity that offers a wide range of Thai-based dishes. They have an outdoor private dining area that can booked for get togethers.

The incredibly versatile Evolved Plant Meat is also used in quite a few options and blends beautifully.

The lip-smacking Evolved Satay is a favourite. There’s also a Thai Evolved Red Curry Burger, a Thai Evolved Massaman Burger, sumptuous Evolved Chili Garlic noodles & Evolved Red Curry pizza that is top-notch.

Better yet, their clean & sustainable packaging makes ordering from them all the more wholesome.

Must try — Evolved Satay and Evolved Burgers

Peppery Evolved Chettinad — Kasipu Alfresco Resto-bar


Kasipu is an 800-seater casual dining restaurant and alfresco resto-bar that has a very unique and comfortable ambience.

The menu includes North Indian, Fast Food and Chinese dishes that you can savour. It is a great place to have a good time with your friends or family over delicious food and beverages.

This was Evolved Foods’ first restaurant partner, and we got to showcase so much of our innovation through their support.

You are sure to have a feast as you get to relish nine exclusive dishes that champion the Evolved plant-based protein.

Must try — Evolved Chettinad and Evolved Naati Biryani.

Plant Meat Galouti Kebab — Glass Kitchen & Bar, Holiday Inn Race Course, Bengaluru

Glass @Holiday Inn Race Course Road

Glass is a modern Indian restaurant and bar curated by Chef Abhijit Saha at Holiday Inn Bengaluru Racecourse.

‘Glass’ has been conceptualized with a difference — to recreate traditional Indian food served with modern presentations. With a good balance of Chef Saha’s specially curated innovative foods, the go-to place in Bengaluru offers to the discerning foodie picture-perfect food that delights the taste buds, too.

A classic Galouti Kebab and a Gilafi Sheekh made with Evolved Plant Meat have been introduced in their menu to add to their plant-forward approach.

Must try — Plant Meat Galouti Kebab and Plant Meat Gilafi Seekh

Tofu Bhurji Sandwich — JustBe Cafe

Just Be

A tastefully done-up plant-based whole food restaurant. Their conscious kitchen serves food made of unrefined ingredients.

JustBe’s menu offers you fuss-free options and a decadent variety of guilt-free desserts to indulge in.

All in all, JustBe Café welcomes you with homely positive energy.

Just Be also hosts flea markets almost every two months. From food to beverages, to clothing and personal care, and even pup adoption, their two-day event always gets Bangalore talking.

Must try — Sandwiches and desserts

Pizza Verde — Sante Spa Cuisine

Sante Spa Cuisine

A broad-based menu, reader’s nook, and a pet friendly area, Sante really knows how to bring you in! Apart from their vegan menu, they have a keto menu, gluten-free menu, and a regular vegetarian menu, if you’re not vegan.

They’ll even tailor make food for you based on your requirements! Everything is sourced locally, and they grow their micro-greens and greens.

Don’t knock this venue off till you try it!

Must try — Crackers & Hummus, Smoothie Bowls, and Pizzas

Mezze Platter — Green Theory

Green Theory

This is a famous spot in Bangalore that people love to flock to, one that often gets great reviews online and offers vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan food.

They tend to take care of all kinds of eaters with an array of delectable food & beverage options to choose from.

Their location, ambiance, and flavourful food is something that will want you to go back there from time to time.

Must try — Mezze Platter, Pizzas, and Plant-based Coffees

Braised PokChoy topped on Portobello Mushrooms — Vegan Vogue

Vegan Vogue

It’s not often you visit a vegan restaurant that checks all the boxes, but that’s exactly what Vegan Vogue does.

The cafe has a creative menu that will make you reconsider your idea of plant-based cuisine.

Vegan Vogue is just here to make vegan food fun and accessible to everyone.

The restaurant offers dishes from all over the world, from Italy to Rwanda and Indonesia.

Must try — Appetisers and Desserts

Asian Salad Bowl — Copper & Cloves

Copper and Cloves

Whipped up with organic, locally-sourced ingredients, Copper and Cloves has a range of wholesome plant-based dishes that bring together a medley of diverse flavours.

This farm-to-table café in Indiranagar is winning over our palates, one healthy dish at a time.

Located inside The Organic World store in Indiranagar, this farm-to-table café by health coach, Sarah Edwards, dishes out organic, completely plant-based dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients.

Must try — Daily Special Salads and Desserts

Falafel Plate — Habibi Falafel

Habibi Falafel

A place that specialises in all kinds of falafels and pita bread? We are sold. And Habibi Falafel is bringing rolls, sandwiches and pita pockets, all with falafels in it.

You are going to love this place because of so many choices available to you.

End your meal here with baklava or try one of their freshly squeezed juices — pomegranate, orange, grape and lime.

And the best part? Almost everything is priced under INR 130.

Must try — Falafel Burger, Falafel Plate, and Fresh Juices

Vegan Sunday Brunch — Be Animal Hostel

Be Animal Hostel & Happiness Cafe

Introducing India’s first vegan hostel! Located in Koramangala, this venue is a ball of good vibes.

They recently launched Happiness Café which is at the hostel itself that serves delicious desserts and drinks to refresh and relax you through the day.

Apart from this, Be Animal also hosts their admired Sunday brunches for anyone that would like to savour some delicious plant-based food, bringing together a group of like-minded folks.

Must try — Sunday brunch, Coconut mylk coffee and Pudducakes

Evolved Foods @ Namu Recommends Vegan Market

Namu Recommends

This brand was founded by Namu Kini, founder of KYNKYNY Art Gallery, almost a year back to popularize veganism and make it a household concept. Every three months or so, she hosts specially curated events in Bangalore to create awareness by showcasing brands that offer plant-based foods, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, etc. This has now become a well-loved event in the city and one that gains great feedback and response.

Which restaurant/cafe do you think you are going to try first? Which event are you excited to check out?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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